Successful GP Pledge Campaign

So, we did it! Or more accurately, YOU DID IT! You helped us achieve the target – 100%. In fact, you’ve done even better than that because the target continues to grow. Further orders will enable us to produce a larger number of DVDs and Albums for Gregory Porter Pledge fans to enjoy. At times, we weren’t sure if this … Read More

Life On Tour

Life on a road as a musician with his band always sounds incredible. We, the viewers/audience, only every really see the polished side, through interviews, TV, gigs and social media. We imagine what it must be like to see new countries, cities and meet people every day, month and year. What it must be like doing what you love and … Read More

The Magic of Merchandise

Merchandise is a vital part of a film’s marketing process. Why? because it allows the audience to be part of the film experience, to own something that has a finite amount of time in the public arena but be part of someone’s private life forever. Merchandise creates memories and later when seen or touched again recalls those memories to mind – a … Read More

A Conversation With The Filmmakers

1 Camera, 2 people, 5 Lenses, 4 Years That’s what it has taken to create Gregory Porter: Don’t Forget Your Music. While the subject matter of the film is now an international success, the people behind the scenes are only starting out in their career in film making, with this project being their first foray into the film world. It has been … Read More

Lip Sync battle – Jazz Hat Competition – watch the videos here…

Watch these cats get their ‪#‎JazzHat‬ groove on! We asked you guys to show us your Jazz Hats in our ‪#‎lipsyncbattle‬.. here’s one of the entries…keep them coming. Entering is easy, just film yourself lip syncing to one of your favourite Gregory Porter songs wearing your own Jazz Hat, then upload your video here. 

The cat with a hatful of soul

I’m apologising to Gregory Porter, trying to convince him that it’s not my usual form to ask musicians about what they are wearing. But Porter is different. Search all you like, you will not find a single photograph of the acclaimed American jazz vocalist where he’s not beaming a big, friendly smile out from beneath his trademark hat, an improbable … Read More

Gregory Porter kicks off latest European tour

A lot of music history has been made in the Ulster Hall. You lap it up the minute you walk in off Bedford Street. There, straight at you: a plaque on the wall saluting the great blues rock guitarist Rory Gallagher. Featured wonderfully in the recent punk feature film Good Vibrations the hall was in the limelight too, and scroll … Read More