Life On Tour

Life on a road as a musician with his band always sounds incredible. We, the viewers/audience, only every really see the polished side, through interviews, TV, gigs and social media. We imagine what it must be like to see new countries, cities and meet people every day, month and year. What it must be like doing what you love and performing to crowds who love you back. Life is good…yes?

On the whole yes…there is nothing better than preforming to your fans and feeling the energy, the buzz and the love. Musicians do what they do because they were born to do it, some might say compelled to do it.

Readers, I don’t want to shatter the illusion but life on the road is many other things also. It’s lonely, there are very long hours, broken or little sleep, miles upon miles of travel, crazy schedules and the list goes on.

To give you a behind the scenes snapshot, Heather Taylor, currently on the road currently with Gregory Porter and his band, has captured some moments (some are very silly) to share with you. It’s a little taste of life on the UK tour.  Please forgive some of the quality of the pics as she had to capture them on the QT!

Backstage view: Sunday Brunch Channel 4 TV show.

SundayBrunch2   SundayBrunch

Fun on the road: “It’s all about Gregory…even on the road!” –

Road.silliness2   Road.silliness

Busy, busy, busy: if he’s not preforming, he’s signing.

Gregory Porter signing posters

Exhaustion: the guys grab sleep when and wherever they can.

Catching Zs

Catching Z’s

Rehearsal time:  Later…with Jools Holland 

Life on the bus: the gang selling the merch!

Jahmal.Nichols   Chip Crawford

That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed this little insight into life on the road.


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