Successful GP Pledge Campaign

So, we did it! Or more accurately, YOU DID IT! You helped us achieve the target – 100%. In fact, you’ve done even better than that because the target continues to grow. Further orders will enable us to produce a larger number of DVDs and Albums for Gregory Porter Pledge fans to enjoy.

At times, we weren’t sure if this could actually happen; but those were times of doubt, now they are times of positivity. We have been on a long journey, 4 years of filming from all over the world, gigs, interviews, friends, peers and family has been condensed to create the documentary. We knew this was a story worth telling and you have proved that to be the case. So, thank you for your support… for now the hard work really begins.

By hitting our target, you have enabled us to release the film on to DVD. The process of getting all the correct permissions and licenses can now begin in earnest.

Now, we don’t want to turn this moment of achievement and euphoria in to something less, but we must keep our feet firmly on the ground. Thanks to our Pledgers, We now have the funds in place to set the ball rolling; unfortunately, these things may still take a little time. We are in the hands of solicitors and other powers that be.

With regards to the general merchandise, we have a little more control over that and are going to move heaven and earth to get those posters, mugs and T-shirts to you in good time. As we progress with distribution agreements and promotion of the DVDs and the Album we will post regular updates to keep you informed. As true fans of Gregory, we’re confident your support will continue and assure you that the DVD will be with you as soon as it becomes available, in return for your loyalty and support, you will receive the DVD and Album before it goes on general release. Keep checking in on Pledgemusic and the Gregory Porter Don’t Forget Your Music website for progress reports.

Once again, we send you our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who has made this project a reality.