A Conversation With The Filmmakers

1 Camera, 2 people, 5 Lenses, 4 Years

That’s what it has taken to create Gregory Porter: Don’t Forget Your Music. While the subject matter of the film is now an international success, the people behind the scenes are only starting out in their career in film making, with this project being their first foray into the film world. It has been a passion project and a labour of love, which started with Heather Taylor (RedFire Music), who represents Gregory Porter in the UK.

Once she met him, Taylor knew Porter was going to be a significant jazz artist and decided to tell his story to date – as an artist this is only the first chapter for Porter, there are many more to come. On her journey she met Alfred Bailey who got behind the camera to capture the story for the screen. The result of which is a film which is poignant, moving, funny and very very real.

This video gives a little insight into the story of the people behind the film. Enjoy!

Gregory Porter: Don’t Forget Your Music is due out later in 2016.